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MiHub, the new free online software system for Tru-Test weigh scales will allow you to track and monitor your animal’s progress by turning weigh session data into an easy to understand graphical summary.

The system is a series of graphs which allow you to easily compare each individual animal’s weight against their target weight to ensure that they are on track. Along with this you can review your top and bottom performers so you can manage them efficiently.

In addition to all this, and probably the biggest benefit, is the actual ease of uploading the data. Unlike before, you can effectively have the information uploaded onto the system while you are still in the yard and the software is applicable to almost all Tru-Test weigh systems.

Also, you can allow temporary access to the data on MiHub to other stakeholders such as vets, feed suppliers and farmers doing contract rearing. Contract rearing is becoming more and more popular and with new technology like this you will be able to track an animals’ progress at all times through simply logging into MiHub.

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