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Calf Pen New reduced 3calf pen blank

Calf Pen clip-on Bucket Ring

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The O’Donovan Engineering ODEL calf pen clip-on bucket ring is a useful tool when feeding young calves in our individual calf pens. Hot dip galvanized

Calf pens are a necessary part of any well-planned calf house. ODEL Calf pens have a plastic stepper slat or a treated timber slat making the pens more hygienic, easier to clean and more comfortable for the calf. These individual calf pens have a press-steel plate sides and front that is hot dip galvanized. The hinged front gate provides easy access to the calf.

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Product Description

Calf Product

Along with our Calf Pen Bucket Ring, we have a Nipple bucket blankCalf Individual pens and Hay-rack’s. Our calf transporter is a useful tool around the yard.

Calf nipple bucket blank

Is an insert that fits into the front headspace of our ODEL individual calf pens. This blank prevents calves from hitting a nipple fed bucket and spilling the milk.

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