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Horse Platform

This is a durable platform designed for weighing horses. It has a rubber top cover to eliminate the noise of a horse shoe stepping onto an aluminium platform and to increase foot stability. The standard platform is 2.15m x .99m. Custom sizes can be made to order.

Weight is the best indicator of performance. Weighing can give accurate evaluation and stock control. It will ensure you keep your horse in  the best possible condition for competing and can aid in deciding on feed and dosage amounts.

  • Durable platform designed for weighing horses.
  • Rubber top cover for noise control and foot stability.
  • Dimensions 2.15m X .99m. Custom sizes can be made to order.
  • Decision on buying and selling.
  • Lower costs through efficiency.
  • Taking the guess work out of stock management.
  • Designed to maximise the profit potential of every animal.
  • Select from range of weighing indicators to suit your needs.

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