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This is a super-loop cubicle design with a soft-touch cover protecting the steel to provide your cows extra comfort while housed. This will encourage cows to spend more time lying on the cubicle bed which will in turn get the cow to produce more milk and increase profitability.

Product Description


As shown in the picture the Rubicle has a cosy sleeve that does not cover the entire cubicle but focuses on the contact areas with the cow. A combination of the Rubicle and quality comfort roll mat will maximise your cows herd health and productivity.

  • Patented design
  • Superloop Cubicle design with added comfort
  • Soft-touch rubber cubicle cover
  • Increases cows lying time

Cubicle Housing & Accessories

Huber Technik Comfort Roll Cow Mat

N20 Comfort Roll is one of the most popular mat products from Huber Technik. It is made from 100% rubber compound which has not been vulcanised before. This rubber roll is made up of 15 mm rubber bungs and 5 mm of solid rubber to increase cow comfort

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