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Saracen Full Access Crush

Saracen Full Access Crush


  • Length 2340mm.
  • Base length 2438mm.
  • Width 838mm.
  • Internal width 1900mm.
  • Weight 449kgs.

Product Description

Saracen Full Access Crush

Saracen Full Access Crush is designed to allow unobstructed access to animals flanks. It has a fully welded tapered tread plate floor to help keep the animal’s feet inside the crush when the side doors are open. There are two full height side doors on each side (hinged from each end) to allow full access with no obstructions to the animal’s flanks. It comes complete with a single removable rail each side which prevents the animal’s body swinging out of the crush when both side doors are opened. This rail can be left in place/situ with the side doors closed. Traditional backing up bar facility. Rear gate included as standard. Pallet fork lifting points welded onto the top horizontal rails.

  • Heavy duty box section frame, tube/ box infill construction.Welded constriction tread plate floor angled both sides keeps animals feet inside crush.
  • Right-handed operation standard.
  • Hinged side doors allow unobstructed access to animals flanks.
  • Detachable side restraint bar for use when both gates on one side are open.Rear gate.
  • Captive rump bar facility.
  • Pallet fork lifting points.
  • Foot trimming facilities can be added when required.
  • Hot dip galvanised.

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