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Saracen Rotating Rump Bar Crush

This IAE crush wheel operated rotating rump bar keeps the animal forward whilst eliminating the risk of trapped fingers. It has multiple settings to allow the rump bar assembly to slide forward for smaller animals. Two front/side doors and one back/side door on each side hinge from a middle pillar to allow access to the animal’s flanks. There is a fully welded flat tread plate floor. Pallet fork lifting points welded onto the top horizontal rails. Rear gate not included (can be purchased at extra cost if required).

Centurion and Saracen crushes with a rotating rump bar. The specifications/crush features and dimensions for these crushes are identical to standard crushes plus:

  • Multiple settings on rump bar allow assembly to slide along a sloping rail to suit all sizes of animal.
  • Durable ratchet mechanism allows quick release on rump bar.
  • Rotating operating wheel eliminates trapping of fingers.
  • Pallet and fork lifting points.
  • Replaces the need for captive rump bar facility.
  • Adjustable rump chain c/w quick release.
  • Rear gate available as optional extra.
  • Facilities to add foot trimming attachment when required.

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