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Superior Comfort for your CowsCow Mats

Cow Mat Comfort Roll for website – Cow bedding – Comfort Roll

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The Comfort Roll Mattress (Cow Mat) from Huber Technik is a continuous roll of cow mat made from 100% rubber. Cubicles with Comfort roll cow mat

  • Bung System : Acts as shock absorber giving the cow increased comfort when dropping into the bed.
  • Bung System : Liquids can freely run away underneath.
  • Unique soft feel of profiled top on bed of rubber studs.
  • Fabric interlining for added strength.

Economy Rubber Cow MatEconomy Cow Mat

  • Individual Cow Mats 1800x1170x22mm with open comb base.
  • Profiled top.
  • Open Comb underside for maximum comfort.
  • Rubber keeps shape.
  • Economical but comfortable.


Dobro High Durability Cow Mat Range


  • Specially designed bottom structure to ensure superior comfort
  • Slope and grooves in mat enable quick flow off of liquids
  • Anti slip top surface
  • Possible to adjust dimensions by cutting.

DB 1.3 Cow MatDOBRO 1.3

  • Specially designed to provide comfort and thermal insulation
  • Sloped front make stepping onto mat easier for animal.
  • Anti slip top surface
  • Possible to adjust dimensions by cutting.

Puzzle Mat dobro puzzle mat

  • Imitates the natural substrate
  • Increased durability and resistance to wear
  • Anti-Slip surface
  • Quick and easy assembly

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