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Introducing the DOBRO 1.5

DOBRO MAT CATALOGUE >>With Winter fast approaching, housing  livestock & cow bedding is something that must be considered.

  • >>It is widely known that having mat under your cows is essential for herd health and productivity, however there are huge differences between the mats available.
  • >>Many farmers have had to deal with problems such as liquid pooling on mats, mat turning up at the edge & mat tearing.
  • Here at O’ Donovan Engineering we have recently launched the Dobro 1.5 cubicle mat from European manufacturer Geyer & Hosaja.

>>The mat which has a 10 year warranty will eliminate the problems mentioned above and provide customers with peace of mind when investing in cubicle bedding.Dobro 1.5 cow mat

  • The DB1.5 is specially designed to provide comfort,thermal insulation and replicates the natural pasture of the cow. Feedback both from both the DLG FOKUS test which was carried out in the DLG Test Centre for Agricultural Machinery and Farm Inputs in Germany (results available here) and feedback from customers had been excellent
  • This high quality affordable mat means that a comfortable, happy herd is now a realistic option for every farmer. Our wide range of individual mats and the continuous comfort roll ,which is under almost 50,000 cows in Ireland, means that there is an option to suit every farmers needs.Logo-DLG-Fokus-Test_rgb
  • Call us today on 021 7334066 or email for a quote.

Remember a comfortable herd = a healthy herd = a happy herd = a productive herd!

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