With a record number of calves expected in 2015, it is vital to plan your infrastructure for calf rearing.

Individual housing of calves, either indoors or outdoors, is generally linked with improved calf health (Kennedy, E. & Lewis, E, 2011)Calf Pen 3

Individual Calf Pens

Calf Pens with plastic slat
  • Our individual calf pens come with the option of a timber or plastic slat, ensuring a hygienic and healthy start for you calves

Group Penning

  • Group penning can be time and labor saving when it comes to feeding, dosing and managing calves
Group Penning

Our sales and engineering team have over 35years experience planning and designing a penning solution to suit your needsSIDE VIEW1

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which includes a range of

Group Penning

Individual Pens (Plastic or timber slat)

Dehorning crates



Water Drinkers