• O’ Donovan Engineering are delighted to announce the launch of a brand new patent registered product; the Rubicle™. This newest addition is a cubicle with a soft-touch rubber cover which enhances your cows comfort while housed. The official launch will take place at Tullamore Show on the 9th August 2015, where the O’ Donovan Engineering team will be showcasing their full product range.
  • The Cork based firm are well known for setting industry standards with their innovative products that enhance comfort and safety for both animal and handler. Damien O’ Donovan, company founder, explains; “For the past three years we have been testing our soft touch cubicle which is installed in our research farm. The main advantage of the Rubicle™ is that it has an extra degree of comfort for cows while lying on our Comfort Roll. The design and strength of our standard Super Loop Cubicle is not compromised but enhanced with a special soft touch sleeve which covers the steel element of the cubicle.”
Cow on Rubicle
  • As shown in the picture the sleeve does not cover the entire cubicle but focuses on the contact areas with the cow. On a cold winter’s night would you prefer a bed with a warm electric blanket or one without? Your cows feel the same way! Both are comfortable – but the Rubicle™ is cosy.
  • There are many advantages to cows spending more time lying down. Research shows that a cow lying down is more productive as blood circulation in the udder increases by approximately 25%. A combination of the Rubicle™ and quality comfort roll mat will maximise your cows herd health and productivity. The Rubicle™ soft-touch rubber cover is now available nationwide and can be fitted to new or existing cubicles.
For further information call O’ Donovan Engineering on 021 7334066 or visit www.odonovaneng.ie