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Weighing Service, Support and Maintenance

O’ Donovan Engineering operate an in house weighing maintenance and service offering to all Tru-Test clocks and load-bars. Damien O’Donovan Jnr is the servicing manager for all in-house weighing equipment. This service can give farmers peace of mind when purchasing our weighing equipment as here at O’ Donovan Engineering we provide superior after sales service to all our customers.

Weighing replaces guess work with facts, making it a powerful performance measuring tool for farmers. The information provided by Tru-Test weigh scale indicators assists critical decision making about feed, health treatments and herd size management.

How to keep your Tru-Test weighing scales in top condition:

  1. Keep cables tidy and out of the way of animals
  2. Check you cables for damage regularly
  3. Always replace caps on the cables and indicator.  If a cap gets damaged or goes missing replace it ASAP
  4. Any damage to cables or connectors should be repaired immediately. If not repaired or badly repaired it will affect the life time of the unit and could lead to a costly repair in the long run.
  5. If a connector gets wet or very dirty give the connector a gentle rub of a wire brush and blow out with compressed air. If connector gets very wet dry out using a heat gun or hairdryer. Never spray anything into the connectors.
  6. The rubber load feet are like the tyres on your car. Keep them in good condition free from dirt and damage. Periodically check for build-up of dirt or other debris stuck between the feet and the body of the load-bar.  If they need to be cleaned simply remove the feet using an 18mm socket and clean the area using a wire brush. Tighten to 15NM
  7. Always use the indictor mount supplied. Keeping the indicator out of harm’s way is always a good thing. It also allows the operator to keep their hand free for handling the animal.
  8. Give the underside of the platform a wash every now and again. No need to go scrubbing it, 1 minute with a power washer when cleaning down the yard is plenty.

Do not hesitate to ring O’ Donovan Engineering with any questions you might have about your Tru-Test Weighing System. We can give advice on; uploading, down-loading, formatting data, or how to get the best out of your Tru-Test weighing system.

Contact us on: 021 7334066 or via email:

See images below of damaged scales from poor maintenance.

It is important to clean regularly

It is important to clean regularly

Always replace caps on cable

Always replace caps on cable

2 Responses to Weighing Service, Support and Maintenance

  1. Paul heavin November 27, 2018 at 8:50 pm #

    My indicator got damaged when an animal jumped out of the crush and broke the female plug lead on the indicator and the male plug lead on the scales. Have you a service person travelling around the country that can repair them.



    • PHILIP November 28, 2018 at 9:16 am #

      Hi Paul,
      yes we have a full repair service here in coachford.
      If you e-mail a number to or contact us on 021 7334066

      O’Donovan Engineering

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