Have you ever had a problem with calves spilling milk from a nipple fed bucket in your calf pens? Well if you have, we now have the answer to your problem.

The calf nipple bucket blank is an insert that fits into the front head space of our ODEL individual calf pens. This blank prevents calves from hitting a nipple fed bucket and spilling the milk.

Calf nipple bucket blank

This nipple bucket blank has a unique swivel flat which makes it easy to install and remove very quickly so it can be transferred between pens. This piece also holds it in place to make it secure and prevents the calves from moving it. It is very light and is easily handled for ease of movement between pens.

calf pen blank

The nipple bucket blank has a curved slot where the nipple is inserted to prevent damage to the teat of your bucket.

Nipple Bucket Blank