When it comes to investing in livestock handling equipment strength, safety and durability should be the key decision factors. Investing in the correct equipment is essential in maximising efficiency and ensuring safety on your farm.

A fixed cattle crush is an essential feature in any farm yard to handle animals safely. ODEL cattle crushes offer customers a simple adaptable crush system. With options of hinged or fixed crush panels and a range of accessories, we can design your cattle crush to suit your specific needs. Our experienced sales team is available to answer any queries you may have, or to give you practical advice in designing your ideal crush.

The ODEL cattle crush gate is a heavy duty gate, with an adjustable neck width to suit all size of animals. This crush gate is semi-automatic for increased safety while handling livestock. The clear width is 710mm and height is 1650mm. This crush gate has a unique feature of a lock open facility to ease emptying of race. There is an added safety feature in this crush gate of buffer plates to reduce risk of accidental opening of gate by animal.

We manufacture 4 bar fixed and hinged crush panels. The fixed panel can be quickly and easily removed in an event of an animal going down in a crush without cutting the bars as it is held in place with a nut and bolt. There is also a hinged option available where the panel can be opened easily like a gate to let an animal exit race before the crush gate.

We would always advise customers to have their first panel hinged to have the option to let the animals exit the race before reaching the crush gate. Also as an added safety feature in case the animals goes down in the crush or for a vet to easily access the animal. After the first hinged panel, we advise customers to put in a pedestrian gate to allow easy access to the animal and also for ease of AI. A secure collecting pen with a slip through for easy access and escape is also advised.

Crush gate and race