Farm safety is a huge issue on Irish farms and has been spotlighted in the media in recent years. More and more accidents and deaths are being recorded on Irish farms each year.

Farmers need to be more cautious when handling animals, as even the quietest of animals can turn on you for a number of reasons. It is important that all farms have appropriate handling facilities in place for dosing, weighing, calving, etc. to ensure optimum safety for both animal and handler.

Yellow Warning Sign - Safety First - Isolated

14% of all farm accidents now involve livestock, this is a very high percentage of accidents as it can be easily prevented with the correct handling equipment. One of the more recent of these attacks were on a well-known man, Michael Healy Rae TD when he was attacked by a cow while calving. “The truth of it was that I let it happen by just not being on the ball (around the cow). If I was near a cross cow I would have been on my guard. But this cow was always very, very quiet. I always thought she was fine but an animal is an animal,” he said. This proves that even the quiet cow that you trust can even be the most dangerous as you are not expecting the attack.

During these two weeks Inspectors from the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) will be visiting roughly 300 farms across the country. We are asking farmers to keep safety on the top of your mind. As you go about your daily tasks,identify hazards, rectify any potential risk factors and work safely.

The majority of cows will have calved at this stage of the year and farmers will start to focus on AI for the coming weeks. The safest option for holding a cow during the AI process is in a crush. We have a number of products that can help to make this process safer for both operator and animal. Our semi-automatic head gate which is produced here in house in Coachford is width adaptable, heavy duty and has a unique lock open facility. This gate allows for the safe stalling of the animal whilst the animal is worked on. We also have a range of anti-backing gates to prevent animals from backing down the race.

crush gate

With the growing number of ‘outside farms’, check out our portable crush. We also manufacture our portable crush in house. It can be transported via 3 point linkage or via pallet forks. We also have hurdles and archways that can be added onto to the portable crush to create a race which will encourage the animal to move in the direction of the head gate.


We are urging all farmers to keep farm safety a priority on farms during this busy period as livestock are being left out and the bulling/AI season is starting. Make sure you have the correct facilities in place. #FarmSafetyFortnight