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Tru-Test weighing & EID equipment has been available in Ireland from O’Donovan Engineering for over 25 years and is very much favoured by most Breeding Societies, Farm Advisory Services and a wide range of Dairy, Beef & Sheep Farmers. There are a wide range of systems available from the entry level economic units to the top of the range systems which act as a farm management tool allowing you to make decisions quickly and effectively.

Weight is a very important indicator of herd health. Sudden increases or decreases in weight can signal the presence of disease. Regularly weighing your stock has many obvious benefits but with the correct system you can use it as a tool to:

  • Manage herd health
  • Indicate health problems early

O’Donovan Engineering wants to ensure that we satisfy our customers’ needs and live up to their expectations, it was feedback from our customers that has made us invest in our servicing department to ensure there will be a shorter turn-around in servicing weighing equipment.

If you run into trouble with your scales or have any questions regarding weighing, feel free to give the service department a ring on 021 7334066.

If you call our servicing department and book your weighing equipment in for a service, we can now service it while you wait or you can drop and collect your weighing equipment on the same day. Ensure you have made a booking to avoid disappointment or a long wait.

If you are not within driving distance of O’ Donovan Engineering not to worry, once you feel your weighing equipment needs a service contact us and we will send a courier to pick up your weighing equipment from your home. Once it is delivered to us we are now guaranteeing a 5 working day turn around to ensure you will be back weighing your livestock at the soonest possible date.

Tru-test weighing equipment does not need to be re-calibrated or have any set service time. However, if a component gets damaged, it is very important to return it to O’Donovan Engineering for service. As an added bonus we offer a 6 month warranty on all repairs.

Why Weigh?

  • Weighing replaces guess work with facts, making it a powerful performance measurement tool for farmers.
  • The information provided by Tru-Test weigh scale indicators assist critical decision making about feed, health treatments and herd size management.
  • On its own, weighing is a valuable addition to any farmers operation. However, with the emergence of electronic identification (EID), an opportunity exists to maximise the potential of the weigh data collected.
  • EID means individual animals can be tracked through their entire life cycle giving the farmer an opportunity to better manage their individual performance.

The Benefits:

  • Ensure livestock are sold at optimum weight grade.
  • Minimise treatment waste.
  • Monitor reproductive performance.
  • Identify sick or lame animals early.
  • Manage your time spent in the yard.

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