The Cubicle Lockout Arm is an arm that is mounted by brackets onto a cubicle and has a pipe joining two arms to prevent cows from lying on the cubicle beds when entering or exiting a parlour through a cubicle shed.

This system can also keep cubicles clean after washing and reduces the udder getting dirty which will reduce the chance of mastitis.

Blocks off Cubicles for cows entering or exiting parlour
Keeps Cubicles clean after power washing
Reduces udder getting dirty (Increase mastitis control)
Hurries up milking process
Blocks off cubicles at feeding time
Easy to run cattle through cubicle house

When you do not want to block the cows from the cubicle bed you simply hinge the pipe back out of the animals’ way and lock it in place. This locking mechanism ensures that the lockout will not fall down and lock a cow into a cubicle space. Likewise when the lockout system is positioned down it is locked to prevent a cow from moving the pipe and entering a cubicle. This system makes it easy to run cows through a cubicle house and hurries up the milking process.