With the summer months now upon us it is easy to put winter farm improvements on the long finger. Why not beat the rush and get your cubicles installed before the winter madness begins.

O Donovan Engineering provides a wide range of cubicles and in different sizes to meet the customer needs.

The Super Loop/ Cantilever Cubicle design has been developed over the years, manufactured in heavy wall 60mm steel tube. This design provides for superior comfort for all cow sizes, while properly indexing the cow to lie square on the bed. This reduces soiling and accidental teat damage to the neighboring cow.


The ODEL weanling cubicles are suitable for animals 6 – 18 months. They are width adjustable for calves and weanlings of different ages and sizes. They are a safe and hygienic cubicle. These cubicles provide superior comfort for weanlings and calves.


The Super Comfort Mushroom Cubicles provide superior comfort for all cow sizes. They come in 48OD and 60OD options. This style of cubicle is set in to the cubicle bed for extra strength.

Super comfort mushroom cubicle

Super comfort mushroom cubicle

We also have a number of accessories available for our cubicles which will make life easier for both animal and you the farmer. We recently launched a new product ‘Cubicle Lockout Arm’ which will prevent the animal from gaining access to a cubicle bed. Check out our website to read more about this new product and more of our cubicle accessories.

All of our cubicle equipment and full product range is available to view on www.odonovaneng.ie or call 021 7334066 for further information.