Now that the TAMS II approval letters are being issued it is time to consider the options for your investment. Weighing and crush equipment are proving to be popular equipment so far under the TAMS II scheme.

A fixed cattle crush is an essential feature in any farm yard to handle animals safely. ODEL cattle crushes offer customers a simple adaptable crush system. With options of hinged or fixed crush panels and a range of accessories, we can design your cattle crush to suit your specific needs. The ODEL cattle crush gate is a heavy duty gate, with an adjustable neck width to suit all size of animals. This crush gate is semi-automatic for increased safety while handling livestock. This crush gate has a unique feature of a lock open facility to ease emptying of race. There is an added safety feature in this crush gate of buffer plates to reduce risk of accidental opening of gate by animal.

crush gate

To date applications for TAMS II received in tranches 1, 2 and 3 have totalled 5,975. Weighing scales are emerging as a very popular grant eligible item. With this in mind O’ Donovan Engineering are offering substantial savings to all customers on our Tru-Test weighing equipment. We are now offering a promotion on all our weighing packages. You can choose to get a platform or a handling crush with your weighing package depending on your needs.


Weight is a very important indicator of herd health. Sudden increases or decreases in weight can signal the presence of disease. Regularly weighing your stock has many obvious benefits but with the correct system you can use it as a tool to:

  • Ensure livestock are sold at optimum weight grade
  • Minimise treatment waste
  • Monitor reproductive performance
  • Identify sick or lame animals early
  • Manage your time spent in the yard

cattle weighing platform

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