N20 Comfort Roll cubicle mat is one of the most popular mat product from Huber Technik.

It is made from 100% rubber compound which has not been vulcanised before. This rubber roll is made up of 15 mm rubber bungs and 5 mm of solid rubber to increase cow comfort (10.7 mm compression when the animal lays down). This continuous roll that is made in the Huber Technik factory in Germany will be cut to your required length to ensure the minimum of joining’s on your bed.

We have sold over 80,000+ meters of comfort roll in Ireland which means over 70,000 Irish cows are currently lying on Huber Technik cubicle mat since we started distributing the product in 2004. They are 70,000 very happy and comfortable cows eager to be housed each winter.

The N20 roll is fixed to cow bed with 1 M8x80 stainless steel coach screw at every cow space under the cubicle at the cows head. There is a regressive 10 year warranty with this Huber Technik cow mat roll, in the past 12 years of distribution, we have not received a warranty claim.

For more information on the Huber Technik cow mat roll, please contact us on 021-7334066 or email info@odonovaneng.ie.