Generally, people say any type of shed is good enough for sheep. This is not true. A ewe indoors needs a few basics, without them there will be problems. Now is a good time to check the house to ensure it is winter ready.

At housing, ewes should first be grouped on the basis of expected lambing date. This will be beneficial, particularly due to the large volumes of concentrates ewes consume during the latter stages of pregnancy. Furthermore, ewes should also be grouped on litter size once scanning has been completed on farm. This will allow for ewes to be fed on the basis of litter size.

Proper ventilation is essential when ewes are indoors. Stale air produced from sheep and bedding must exit the house and be replaced by fresh air. Check that inlet and outlet areas are large enough for the flock. It is better that a shed is over-ventilated rather than too stuffy.

Sheds should allow one person to feed ewes roughage and meals. Central passages should be wide enough to allow machinery to put silage beside feed face.

We have a range of sheep housing available here at O’ Donovan Engineering in Coachford:

Feed Barriers:

There are two types of sheep feed barriers; horizontal and diagonal. The ODEL clip on feed trough can be attached to these barriers to feed sheep and reduce bullying at the trough.

These feed barriers can also be used as gates for dividing groups in sheep sheds. These feed gates will increase weight gain as it will give sheep individual feed space and there will be less competition for meal.

We also stock IAE sheep feed barrier gates

Sheep Feed BarriersHorizzontal gate

Sheep Hurdles:

Our interlocking sheep hurdles are easily and quickly assembled into sheep pens with their interlocking design. They are ideal for lambing pens and also attaching an adoption gate to. These hurdles are available in a wide range of sizes to cater for all needs.


Adoption Gate:

This new adoption gate clicks into existing lambing pen, this eliminating the backache and stress of moving the Ewe to a separate pen. As you can convert a lambing pen into an adoption pen in a matter of seconds, this allows the farmer to utilise space better and saves time. This adoption gate is lightweight so it can be easily moved between pens. Every sheep farm should have one of these!


Walk Through Trough:

A walk through trough is ideal for separating sheep pens as it allows the farmer to walk between pens while also providing a feeding area for the sheep. This trough is fully galvanised and adjustable in height for various sizes.


Hay Rack:

Saddle Hayrack
This type of hayrack is ideal for group penning. It can hold a large quantity of hay to cut down on work load of refilling the hayrack constantly. It is a two sided hayrack to provide hay for animals at both side of penning.


Full Wall Hayrack

This is a large capacity wall mounted hayrack. It can hold a large quantity of hay to cut down on work load of refilling the hayrack constantly.

Mesh Hayrack
This type of hayrack is ideal for calf or sheep penning. It is a two sided hayrack to provide hay to animals at both side of the pen.

Mesh Hay-Rack

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