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Dehorning Calves

Calves are disbudded/dehorned in order to reduce animal injuries, improve human safety, reduce damage to facilities and facilitate transport and handling. Calves should be disbudded as early as possible. It is a legal requirement to give calves anesthetic when disbudding if there are over 2 weeks old. Removing horns at a younger age is less stressful on calves but there will be calves that do not show horn buds until they are one month old. Disbudding calves correctly should prevent regrowth reducing welfare problems and possible rejection at marts later in life.


Dehorning Crate

When dehorning calves it is advised to use a dehorning crate to reduce stress on the calf and ensure optimum safety to the farmer. The ODEL dehorning crate makes dehorning calves a safe and easy process for both animal and handler. This dehorning crate has an integrated wheel and handle for easy transportation. It has an additional flop frame and paddle push up which is recommended for added safety. There is a unique adjustable head design to hold the animals head in place. This dehorning crate has a quick release feature for added safety.

Dehorning Crate

Dehorning Crate

You can buy this dehorning crate here or call us on 021-7334066.

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