Cow drinking from Aquamat

Pasture pump on the market. It is suitable for both horses and cattle. Its reliability has been tried and tested for over 20 years. The Aquamat pasture pump ensures that your animals have a constant supply of fresh water.

The Aquamat is reliable and sturdy. Its push rod surrounds the mechanism to avoid accidents. It is made from polyethylene and cast-iron.

It is easily pushed by animals and is suitable for up to 10-15 animals. It is also available with a side bowl option for suckler cows with calf at foot. The Aquamat has a non-return valve feature to prevent the pump from running dry.

This unique pasture pump can pump 7m in depth or 70m in length.

This pasture pump is very popular for the GLAS scheme; Protection of Watercourses from Bovines, the deadline to the complete works for GLAS 3 is 31st May 2017. These pasture pumps are also very popular for the LIFE scheme to protect fresh water pearl muscle.


Operating Principle:

While pushing the animal activates a diaphragm drawing the water through the tube. A non-return valve prevents the pump from running dry. Releasing the mechanism, the water flows into the small bowl under the rush lever.

With its rewarding inclined bowl, it’s natural for the animals to learn to push the lever with their muzzle when they want to drink the water from the back of the bowl.

The Aquamat mechanism is very light to operate, which makes it also suitable for horses and calves from 6 months onwards. For nursing cows followed by their young, a special model is available featuring a small built-in bowl next to the trough allowing the calf and adult to drink simultaneously.


Learning Process:

When starting up a pasture pump, you always have to pump the water to help the animals find the water more easily.

To protect the pump and help the animals learn, you can install barriers next to and behind the pump to guide their access to it from the front.

Aquamat with side bowlAquaat Pasture Pump


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