CowPow Moving Feed Barrier

Recent studies by US nutritionists have used time-lapse cameras to show that dairy farmers who try adlib feeding rarely succeed. Nutritionists say cows like to eat a little 10 to 15 times a day. If they do not eat for 6 to more hours they are likely to over eat when feed is available leading to digestive upsets. The CowPow feed barrier is the perfect solution to this problem, it allows cows to eat adlib by pushing the barrier forward with them.

The O Donovan Engineering Patented Cow Pow system. This moving feed barrier allows the cattle to push forward in order for them to reach the silage. The Cow Pow has been in operation on farms in Ireland and across Europe for the past 20 years.

Cow Pow Barrier

It dramatically reduces workload and you will see a notable tranquillity in stock. This moving feed barrier allows you to feed cattle just once or twice a week, reducing labour costs significantly. This system reduces the need for feed space for animals gaining you up to 30% more cubicle space. This system gives greater yields.

The benefits of the system include:

  • Notable tranquillity of stock
  • Feeding only once or twice a week, saving up to 70% labour time
  • Gain up to 30% more space for cubicles
  • Higher stocking rate in beef cattle pens
  • 24 hour access to silage allowing animals to follow a natural grazing pattern
  • 10% higher silage intake/ savings on concentrates
  • Healthier stock, fewer injuries
  • Improved yields


Technical Data:

  • Total forward feeding of up to 220cm/7ft
  • One or two sided feed passage
  • Feed Space per cow: 23cm
  • Three stage locking system optional
  • Maximum fall per bay 8cm
  • Slope from centre of passage: 5cm
  • Side safety mat for maximum security

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