Mineral lick bucket stand

With BT on the rise, we may have a product to help. Our Mineral Lick Bucket Stand protects mineral licks from unwanted guests such as badgers and vermin to prevent the lick from passing TB and other diseases these animals may carry. The stand is now 500mm off the ground to keep it away from wildlife.

New Mineral Lick Stand

Mineral Lick Stand Features:

The newly added feature of crown provides animals with the opportunity to scratch without damaging the mineral lick bucket. This scratching aid also keeps animals more content in the field.

mineral lick bucket stand

We have been testing this stand for several years and are very happy with the results, not only does it protect the lick from badgers it also prevents livestock from kicking the bucket over and dirtying the lick. This mineral lick bucket stand comes with ground pins as it prevents the cattle from pushing the stand around the field.

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