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Calf Investment Scheme (CIS Guide)

Calf Investment Scheme (CIS Guide)

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The overall scheme budget is €1.5m. A 40% grant aid will apply. The minimum investment required is €1,000 excluding VAT i.e. the grant will be €400 in that case.

The maximum investment eligible for payment will be €7,500 excluding VAT i.e. an applicant applies for that amount will be entitled to €3,000. Expenditure over €7,500 at applicant own cost.

Opening Date 7 January 2020

Closing Date 5pm on 28 January 2020


List of eligible investments

You must pick at least one investment from Category A before choosing from Category B.

Category  A  Investments

Investment Units Reference Cost
Calf teat feeder (minimal of 6 teat places) per teat place  y = 14.584x + 32.525
Computerised calf feeder Serial Number Required per feed station y = 1534.8x + 7540.6  


Milk Cart with mixer litre y = 6.5453x – 185.53

Wydale Mobile Milk Trolley

Example of how to calculate category A reference costs: 

 10 teat calf feeder =  (14.584  x 10) + 32.525 =  €178.29

 2 station computerised calf feeder = (1534.8 x 2)  + 7540.6 = €10,610.    

110 Milk Cart with mixer = (6.5453 x 110) – 185.53  = €534.45


Category  B   Investments  

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     Investments Units Reference Cost
      Calf milk heater unit  €                                        218.79
      Calf forage /hay rack Linear metre feed space €                                         55.09
      Calf meal trough Linear metre feed space €                                         37.36
      Calf feed barrier Linear metre  €                      52.08
      Calf pen dividers Linear metre €   31.36

Grant aid per investment item will be calculated on the basis of the lowest of the following amounts:

The Department’s Reference Costings applicable at the date of approval;

The total of the eligible invoices marked “paid”, net of VAT, and

The cost of the approved investment.


Product and setup specification

S124 Calf Housing

S124A Calf Rearing

These will be available on the Department’s website at

How to apply

Application forms will be available online from 7 January 2020 and completed application forms shall be submitted by email to You can not post in applications. The application period is from 7 January 2020 to 28 January 2020. Completed applications must be received by 5pm on Tuesday 28 January 2020. Applications received after this date will be deemed invalid and will not be eligible for consideration. Incomplete or unsigned applications will be returned and must be completed and returned before the closing date of the scheme which is 28 January 2020.

Link to application Click Here


A payment claim form will be issue with the approval letter, this must be returned with a copy of receipts to the Department as soon as possible but must be submitted no later than the 30 June 2020.

Click Below for full Calf Investment Scheme Details

Calf Investment Scheme 2020


For more information on any of our calf housing and handling, products see 

Calf Group Penning

Calf Group Penning


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