Calving season 2020 is upon.

Well laid out and safe calving facilities are key to easing the pressure during calving season. This is one of the most dangerous times of the year in terms of handling animals on the farm. A calving gate can save time and energy along with a safer working environment.

3 in 1 calving gate

We have two options of calving gates, our standard 1200 high gate and the 1400 high back grant spec calving gate. The difference being the 1200 high gate is a  straight pipe across the bottom allowing it to clear the straw bedding. The 1400 high back goes to the ground in the head locking space as per-grant regulations, this can make the gate harder to open as it will get cot in the bedding.  Both gates come with a Spring-loaded neck pipe for width adjustment or quick release. We general fit the calving gate as a dividing gate between two pens as it can be operated from both sides. Our standard sizes are 10ft and 12ft in both, custom lengths we can also make to order.

1200 high calving gate 

Calving Gate

1400 high calving gate high back

3 in 1 Calving Gate

Fitted Calving Stall

We also manufacture a fitted calving stall if you would prefer a fitted option. It can come with weld-on hanged or wraparound hangers. It also comes with most of the same features as our calving gates with Spring-loaded neck pipe for width adjustment or quick release.

fixed calving stallfixed calving stall


Cubicle dividing gates 

The cubicle dividing gate is ideal at the start of calving time when housing space is at a premium. It allows for easy separation. The dividing gate is mounted on the cubicles by two brackets that side over the cubicle. This gate is a two-bar fence that separates cows while housed. It is easily moved to any part of the cubicle shed to separate cows that are about to calve from the rest of herd.

Cubicle Dividing Gate

Cubicle dividing gate

Calf Transporter Yard Mate

Take the back-ache out of farming!

The most adaptable Calf transport unit on the Market, Designed for farmers by farmers. The Unit can be used to move animals, bags of feed, or equipment around the farm quickly & safely. Sides can be easily removed creating a flat-bed trolley suitable for moving bales or other goods. This yard mate is available with or without a ramp. Fully hot dip galvanized. It has 4 pneumatic needle bearing wheels and front swivel undercarriage for added control and movement.

  • Heavy duty pressed steel body with removable mesh sides
  • 4 pneumatic wheels, front swivel undercarriage
  • Unique braking & stopping control on towing handle
  • Optional Aluminium ramp available for ease of loading

Calf Transporter Calf Transporter

For more information on any of our housing options see

Calving Season 2020

Calving Gate

Calving Gate