Lambing Season is upon us, here are our options and solutions!

Hygiene is key at lambing season. Keeping the lambing pens and equipment clean is vital to preventing the spread of infection from a ewe, her lambs and to the next group. We would advise farmers not to spare using lime. Lime is a great way of killing any bugs on the concrete surface. In terms of pens, we have drop pin hurdles. these are handy when lambing as they are easy to move and manage for a single person operation or for building multiple pens.  They are ideal for lambing pens and also for our adoption gate. These hurdles are available in a wide range of sizes to cater for all needs.

Sheep Hurdles 4, 5, 6 & 8ft

Sheep Hurdles

Lamb adoption Gate

This adoption gate clicks into existing lambing pen, this eliminating the backache and stress of moving the Ewe to a separate pen. You can convert a lambing pen into an adoption pen in a matter of seconds, this allows you to utilise space better and saves time. This adoption gate is lightweight so it can be easily moved between pens. Every sheep farm should have one of these!

Lamb adoption gate


Hayracks and Troughs

We have a wide range of feeding equipment. From hayracks to clip on throughs, clip on or wheeled creep feeders and round bale feeders depending on your needs. We have the solution for you. Good facilities allow you to expand production, they also lead to a better quality of life for the farm family by reducing the workload and the drudgery.

lambing season


Sheep Restraint

This simple device is ideal for temporarily immobilizing sheep. This can be used in both a field and housed setting. It comes in a high tensile aluminium for extra strength. The sheep restraint is a lightweight device to make it easy to carry with you.

Sheep Restraint

Sheep Restraint

We have several Sheep Housing option and layout designs

When it comes to housing it all depends on your own setup and what way you want to either link up with existing building or design a new build. We have over 40 year experience in terms of winter housing across several Agri sectors give us a unique perspective when it comes to designing individual housing solutions. If your looking at a slated floors,  MIK slat might be your answer. We have two types of sheep feed barriers; ODEL horizontal and diagonal or IAE horizontal with access gate and much much more.

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A new sheep shed on the foot of the Dunkerron Mountains in Co. Kerry