LA BUVETTE has been manufacturing equipment for framers for more than 75 years. Based on solid experience and French know-how, Buvette is now sold in more than 50 other countries. LA BUVETTE® is known across Europe for its reliability, innovation and animal welfare. Buvette is located in Charleville Mézières in the north-east of France. We have been supplying La Buvette bowls in Ireland for over 35 years, their cast iron drinker has one of the longest life spans on the market. Some of our first bowl sold are still in use and going strong.



Because of there life span and the quality of the product we have grown a wide range of spare parts to match. Bits get lost over the years, a nut or a plug, do not worry we have it or can get it to keep your drink work away like new.

La Buvette Lac 5 & 55 internal Replacement Kit La Buvette Lac 5 & 55 internal Replacement Kit

An easy way to find out what part you might need, go to our website (www.odonovaneng.ie) and click on the drink you have. Each of the La Buvette drinkers has a spec sheet with a part brake down, All you need to do is let us know the part code attached to that part. There is a small collection of spares available online, for other option just call our store on 0217334066.

The image below is the spec sheet for our most popular drinkers the Lac 5 and 55.


Like anything that lasts there is a small bit of maintenance to be done each year. Just follow the instruction below to keep your drinkers running for years.

Maintenance Instructions

  1. Remove cover
    2) Slide plastic float out
    3) Unclip float wire from black cap
    4) Check that there are no blockages in jet
    5) Run water through the pipe to ensure there are no blockages in pipe
    6) Replace all parts run water to ensure the bowl is fillingBabyLac Cast Iron Drinker

An important tip is to turn off the water supply when the drink is not in use and empty the drinking bowl out. This will help stop stagnant water corroding the bowl. “Stagnant water contains bacteria that cause microbiologically influenced corrosion. This relatively unusual form of corrosion results from the interactions of bacteria with various metals and their alloys and can increase the corrosion rate up to 100-times above that in conventional types of corrosion.” (Marjan Suban)

At O’Donovan Engineering, our motto is “quality and innovation give us the edge” – and this is the standard we hold ourselves to. La Buvette is a product range that fits in with our core brand values and that is why we have supplied it for the last 35 years and will continue too. For more information on our La Buvette range or any of our other housing options visit www.odonovaneng.ie or call 0217334066. O’Donovan Engineering your winter housing expert.