Cubicle Housing Development Ep1


Episode 1 is a walkthrough of a 160 unit cubicle shed from our new Walk & Talk Video Series. In these videos, we call out and talk through a customers development and look at the factors that drove them to make certain decisions. We try to explain their story and reason for making the decisions they did. Each yard we call to on a daily basis is different, with several different environmental factors and design issues that have to be addressed to make the project work for each farmer’s own setup. From this series, we hope you can take away an idea or two that may solve a problem you are facing.


In this cubicle housing development, we look at a recently completed 160 unit cubicle shed built at the start of 2021 with feeding space for 250 cows and a good-sized calving setup. This development is an extension of an existing setup and had to accommodate certain elements of the current yard to interlink seamlessly with his current layout.


Here is a quick video giving you an overview of the cubicle shed

Part One 

In part one we look at why Sean needed to build this shed and what factors drove the design of the development. We also look at his current yard and what implications that had on the design. Vincent and Sean walk through the first part of the shed which includes the calving area, the crossover and the parlour exit point and the cubicles.

Part Two

For part two we look at the feeding space and the design change that was made by vincent to accommodate more cubicles along with one of  Sean biggest issues his collection yard. His current collection yard was not big enough to hold his growing number of cows and he needed to accommodate that element into his development without impacting the number of cubicles and feeding spaces while linking up with his current collection yard.



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