Here we look at a new parlour development, calf and calving setup in Kerry which we were recently involved. This project includes the new Delaval P100 parlour the first one in Ireland along with an Alfco 2-way auto drafter and automatic calf feeders from Volac. We did the crush, exit race and collection yard along with the calf penning and calving area. This is a very nice setup that has changed the way this farm is now run, saving hours of work, hassle and manual labour. Replacing it with new technology and better infrastructure.

In this video, we talk through the development with Billy. He gives us his reasoning for going ahead with the development and what drove him to make the investment into his farm infrastructure.


Calf & Calving Shed

The calf penning was designed around a group penning system with Volca automatic feeders. One item we always keep in mind is the setup of automatic feeders as each model and company has its own unique requirements. It’s important to keep this in mind when planning out your calf shed, the range of the feeders from the main station along with other requirements each unit has. The calf group pens are broken up into wet and dry areas across 5 pens. The wet area allows you to lock the calves forward to have one clean sweep when cleaning out the shed and bedding it.  The wet area also means the automatic feeder stay clean.


The calving area was design to make life a lot easy in the springtime. It is designed to hold 25 cows in a loose straw area with 4 calving pens and a slated feeding area, the calf shed is next door so it is easy to move calves across. The parlour is on the other side for milking and getting that first lot of colostrum into the calf for a good start to life. The 3 building all being under one roof has a great upside in those cold winter nights along with being very efficient.

Parlour & Exit Race


In this video, Billy shows the P100 DeLaval parlour in action along with the Alfco drafter, our crush and parlour exit race. The exit race, drafter and crush are now standing where the old parlour was. the yard is designed for a 2-way drafter with cow drafter to the left and they are ready and waiting in the holding pen to be looked at after milking. This is ideal for AI, sick and injured cows and is miles safer than previous methods. A 360 forcing gate is used to load the crush. allowing you far better control of the animals.


Crush In Action For AI

Here is a quick video of billy and his AI technician in action. He uses our 360 gate to load the crush, the anti backing gate keeps the cows up the shoot along with our side pedestrian gate to keep the cows in the shoot back while AI the first cow with our crush gate.



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