Upgrade Your Livestock Weighing Equipment with O’Donovan Engineering and Datamars Livestock.

This year O’Donovan Engineering in partnership with Datamars Livestock are offering you the chance to trade in your old weighing equipment (any brand) for a new TruTest weighing scale, EID reader and SAVE 15%. The Trade in Trade up deal will close on November 30th so don’t wait to contact us today (021 7334066). We also are offering anyone who wants to start weighing their cattle or sheep a 10% discount across the TruTest range. The 10% offer is available on our website see below.

All TruTest products come with a 2-year warranty and Datamars Livestock. Datamars Livestock is a basic livestock management system. Datamars Livestock will allow you to track and monitor your animal’s progress by turning weighing session data into an easy-to-understand graphical summary. The best part is the base plan is FREE with all TruTest Indicators.

TruTest indicators are the fastest, most versatile, accurate and durable indicators on the market. All indicators feature Superdamp technology, unique to TruTest, to record accurate weights quickly, even with the liveliest of animals. Link this with TruTest EID readers and maximise individual animal performance and back up critical health, mating, culling decisions along with much much more.

Weighing is the cornerstone of efficiency and profitability in livestock management. TruTest weighing and EID systems are renowned for their ease of use, durability, and accuracy. By integrating TruTest EID readers with weighing, users can enhance individual animal performance by monitoring daily gains and supporting critical decisions related to health, mating, and culling.

TruTest Weighing Indicators with EID enable you to systematically:

Monitor average daily gain and body condition

Measure feed consumption and input costs

Accurately administer treatments and antibiotics

Identify poorly performing animals early on

Make better breeding decisions

Ready to take your livestock management to the next level?

TruTest Weighing & EID