O’Donovan Engineering

Welcome to O’Donovan Engineering – a family-owned, professionally run company located in Coachford, Co Cork, Ireland. With over 45 years of experience in the market, we specialize in designing and manufacturing of high quality, innovative livestock housing and handling equipment.

Our mission is to bring our customers a well-made product with the best lifetime value possible. We achieve this by prioritizing quality and innovation in everything we do.

At O’Donovan Engineering, we are proud to manufacture our products in Ireland and employ staff from our local community. Our team consists of over 60 professionals, including sales, design, manufacturing, and support teams.

We believe that our success is built on our commitment to quality and innovation. That’s why our motto is “quality and innovation give us the edge”. By staying true to this standard, we have become one of the most trusted brands in the agri sector.

We are dedicated to delivering excellence in every aspect of our business, from product design to customer service. We are constantly striving to improve our processes and products, so that we can continue to provide the best value and highest quality to our customers.

Thank you for choosing O’Donovan Engineering. We look forward to working with you and providing you with the best possible solutions to make your farm work for you.

Our Story

Founded from humble beginnings in 1978 by Damien and Marion O’Donovan in Coachford Co.Cork. It all started with Damien’s creative problem solving on his own farm. Local farmers from the area soon saw his clever solutions and asked Damien to replicate his designs for their own farms.

This sparked the idea for O’Donovan Engineering. The business has since grown from strenght to strenght, growing from a small local business to a leading Agri manufacturing company in Ireland. Today, it operates from a state of the art headquarters in Coachford, Co. Cork. Trading both nationally and internationally and supplying farmers all over the world. We are proud supporters of family businesses and rural Ireland.

O’ Donovan Engineering

Our Mission

To provide innovative and high-quality solutions in the Agri livestock housing and handling sectors while prioritizing customer satisfaction. We are committed to meeting and exceeding customer needs and expectations by delivering exceptional products, services, and after-sales support. Our core values of integrity, sustainability, and collaboration guide our decisions and actions, as we strive to make a positive impact on the environment, society, and industry.

Our Product Values

Our core values are centered around the safety and comfort of livestock, as well as long-term dependability. We strive to create products that are designed specifically for the Irish climate and environment, and that are built to last. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products that are sustainable and innovative, while also being responsive to their feedback and needs. Our goal is to be a trusted partner to farmers and to continue to provide solutions that make their farms more efficient and productive. With over 45 years of experience in the market, we are confident we have the solutions to make your farm work for you.

Why Buy Quality

Price is almost always the most important consideration when we make a purchase. An item may need to fall within a certain budget and sometimes we would just rather not spend the money if we do not feel we have to. However, focusing solely on price and choosing a less expensive item can come at a cost to you. Consistently choosing the cheaper option may cost you more money in the long run but it might also sacrifice the quality of a product and service while degrades its value over time.

Choosing quality over price is almost always sustainable because it eliminates future waste and cost, improves efficiency, and supports businesses that prioritize value. Investing in a quality product ends up saving you money as it will need to be replaced less frequently.

Quality, there are important costs that are directly related to quality. In most cases, better raw materials will incur higher prices, but other costs are often overlooked. These are called quality costs: better processes that take longer, attention to detail, customisation, etc.

Price is not always a clear indicator of quality, but quality directly impacts sustainability and long-term success. When choosing between products, the price may be an attractive thing to look at in making your decision, but it should not be the only thing. You can get a lot more out of a high-quality product when you do not have to replace it down the line or it fits you and your system just a small bit better.

The price tag can often distract us from the quality at hand. With high-quality products being offered in all price categories. Dig a bit deeper and do some more research to make a well-informed purchase. This is especially true when you are making bigger purchases, and it is a product you will want to be long lasting and hold great lifetime value.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

As an Agri company based in rural Ireland, community is a large part of our business and the sector we work in. We also insist that all of our suppliers provide safe working conditions, treat workers with dignity and respect, and use environmentally responsible manufacturing processes. We are proud supporters of family businesses, rural Ireland and the wider Agri community. A large part of our team come from our local area and community. We have staff members on local teams and community benefit organizations. We are heavily involved in supporting local community groups like the coachford festival, Aghabullogue GAA team, the national rowing centre along with several other charity’s, teams and fundraising activities. As a company we take our internal and external responsibility to staff, our community members and the wider environment seriously, it is part of our company culture. This is the benefit of being a family run business built on the support of rural Ireland’s Agri community.

In support of Agri Mental Health Week and a topic that has grown with covid and isolation, we took part in walk a mile for mental wellbeing. We decided to take some time as a team to do our bit for Agri Mental Health Week. As a company and for the greater Agri sector we just wanted to show our support and solidarity to the community. Thanks to all the team for getting involved in raising awareness.

Agri Mental Health Week