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crush products & accessories

Crush Products & Accessories 

Crush Products & Accessories    When it comes to investing in livestock handling facilities, strength, safety and durability should be the key decision factors. Investing in the correct equipment is essential in maximising efficiency, cow flow and you’re on farm safety. Here at O’Donovan Engineering, we have a wide range of solutions, crush products & […]

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Fixed Cattle Crush

Livestock Handling Facilities

Designing Livestock Handling Facilities What you should be looking for in terms of safety, cow flow and Location? When designing a crush, parlour exit race or any other handling facilities there are several factors to consider. Safety, cow flow,  management and handling of livestock, location, future developments, your yard layout and how it will fit […]

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Lamb adoption gate

Lambing Season 2020

Lambing Season is upon us, here are our options and solutions! Hygiene is key at lambing season. Keeping the lambing pens and equipment clean is vital to preventing the spread of infection from a ewe, her lambs and to the next group. We would advise farmers not to spare using lime. Lime is a great […]

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Calving Gate

Calving season 2020

Calving season 2020 is upon. Well laid out and safe calving facilities are key to easing the pressure during calving season. This is one of the most dangerous times of the year in terms of handling animals on the farm. A calving gate can save time and energy along with a safer working environment. 3 […]

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Calf Investment Scheme

Calf Investment Scheme (CIS Guide)

Calf Investment Scheme (CIS Guide)   Introduced by the  MINISTER FOR AGRICULTURE, FOOD AND THE MARINE   The overall scheme budget is €1.5m. A 40% grant aid will apply. The minimum investment required is €1,000 excluding VAT i.e. the grant will be €400 in that case. The maximum investment eligible for payment will be €7,500 excluding […]

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livestock housing

Livestock housing Cubicles, Barriers, Drinkers & More

O’Donovan Engineering specialises in the design and manufacture of quality, innovative livestock housing and handling equipment. Our experienced sales and engineering teams will work directly with you; designing and fitting the optimum layout in your new or existing farm building. It is important to keep in mind the livestock housing options available to you. We […]

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O'Donovan Engineering

Are You Winter Ready?

Call and see us: NPA 2019 Stand Number 69&70 Block 2 Row 3 O’Donovan Engineering specialises in the design and manufacture of quality, innovative livestock housing and handling equipment. At O’Donovan Engineering, our motto is “quality and innovation give us the edge” – and this is the standard we hold ourselves to. With 40 years’ […]

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O'Donovan Engineering

ODEL Custom Fabrication

ODEL Custom Fabrication O Donovan Engineering Ltd (ODEL) has over 40 years of experience in the design and fabricating of custom solutions for industry. Specialising in tubular and sheet metal products in Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Mild Steel we have experienced in house design team who can work directly.   Our Factory based in Coachford […]

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Prattley Manual Weigh Crate

Prattley Sheep Drafting

Prattley is the world leader in lightweight animal handling equipment, using cutting edge technology. Prattley’s prime aim is to produce quality sheep handling equipment that helps you to attain maximum efficiency. Despite its lightweight, Prattley sheep drafting equipment is sturdy and long lasting. Built to withstand the toughest treatment your stock can dish out. Prattley […]

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