3 in 1 Calving Gate

We have two options of calving gates, our standard 1200 high gate and the 1400 high back grant spec calving gate. The difference being the 1200 high gate is a  straight pipe across the bottom allowing it to clear the straw bedding. The 1400 high back goes to the ground in the head locking space as pre-grant regulations, this can make the gate harder to open as it will get cot in the bedding.  Both gates come with a Spring-loaded neck pipe for width adjustment or quick release. We general fit the calving gate as a dividing gate between two pens as it can be operated from both sides. Our standard sizes are 10ft and 12ft in both, custom lengths we can also make to order.

Product Description

3 in 1 Calving Gate

3 in 1 Calving Gate Feathers

  • Easily stall the animal in safe position for calving
  • Calving gate also acts as dividing pen gate
  • 10ft and 12ft lengths available as standard.
  • Spring-loaded neck pipe for width adjustment or quick release
  • Can be operated from both sides
  • Heavy duty design
  • Hot dip galvanised

1200 high calving gate

3 in 1 Calving Gate

1400 high back calving gate

3 in 1 Calving Gate

Calving Setup in a new cubicle shed – Talk through by Vincent.

Calving Shed Example

Calving Gate


Hugh MacEneaney, Teagasc Dairy Adviser, Mullinavat, Co Kilkenny

“Good facilities allow farmers to expand production and incomes and add to the asset value of the farm. They also lead to a better quality of life for the farm family by reducing the workload and the drudgery. In many cases, particularly on dairy farms, buildings pay for themselves over a 7-10 year period. This is especially true when capital grant and tax savings are available.”

Farmers Journal, What do you want in a calving gate?

An important requirement is a quick release of the headgate at the top and bottom. You also want the minimum size of tubing so that the gate can withstand the push of a big animal. One vet recently explained to the Irish Farmers Journal what he likes in a gate.

“The headgate must be quick-release. A cow will choke in minutes and it can be very hard to get a big, heavy cow back standing up,” he said. “I prefer to have the calving gate positioned against another gate, not against a wall. That’s for easier operation of a calving jack.

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