Individual Calf Pens

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Calf pens are a necessary part of any well-planned calf house. Individual calf pens have two plastic stepper slats making the pens more hygienic, easier to clean and more comfortable for the calf. These calf pens have a press-steel plate side and front that is hot dip galvanized. The hinged front gate provides easy access to the calf. The pen is quick to assemble and dismantle and fold up neatly for easy storage. They provide superior comfort for the animal and makes it easy to control newborn calves. These ODEL calf pens comply with new EC directives on calf penning. We have several accessories for our calf pens, bucket rings, bucket blanks a hayrack and you can also add the calf pen support bars to every second pen for added support.

You must buy a Starter side to start a row of pens.

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Product Description

Individual Calf Pens Setup

Individual Calf Pens have a plastic slat making the pens more hygienic. Isolating young calves from birth to a few weeks of age can help to prevent disease transfer. Isolation pens are important to reduce the spread of disease/infection and to allow for efficient treatment of a sick calf. Part of any well-planned calf house. It also gives them a good start to life as they get their full quantity of milk and there is no bullying by older or stronger calves. The internal dimension of our calf pens are 800mm wide by 1200 deep.


Calf Pens


  • Hot Dip Galvanised
  • Pressed steel plate sides and front
  • Profiled plastic
  • Hinged front gateQuick to assemble or dismantle
  • Optional extra clip-on bucket ring
  • Complies with new EC directives on calf pens
  • pin to stop pen door from fully opening


Calf nipple bucket blank

Calf Group Penning

Calf Pen Teat Feeding Bucket

  • Stay Bar – For a short run of pens a stay bar every second pen is recommended


  • The mesh hayrack is ideal for individual calf pens or sheep penning.

Hugh MacEneaney, Teagasc Dairy Adviser, Mullinavat, Co Kilkenny

“Good facilities allow farmers to expand production and incomes and add to the asset value of the farm. They also lead to a better quality of life for the farm family by reducing the workload and the drudgery. In many cases, particularly on dairy farms, buildings pay for themselves over a 7-10 year period. This is especially true when capital grant and tax savings are available.”

For more information on calf housing and management Teagasc have a great 16-page document on the subject Click Here


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