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Cow Pow Moving Feed Barrier

The O Donovan Engineering Patented Cow Pow system. This moving feed barrier allows the cattle to push forward in order for them to reach the silage. The Cow Pow has been in operation on farms in Ireland and across Europe for the past 20 years. From Iceland to the Uk and mainland Europe.

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“The fact that something that is moved by cows all winter, is working so well after 17 years, can still be push back by hand easily, has virtually no maintenance and has no signs of not working is amazing!!” The average silage intake has increased by 5kg per cow.
Farmer Co. Armagh.

“I have had 64 cows with 24 feeding spaces…this alone is a huge efficiency saving of the Cow Pow. When one considers my cows silage intake are 33% above average figures, this has been truly a win/win purchase for me.”
Farmer Co. Antrim

“Cows can now gain weight on ad-lib silage during dry period, therefore less meal feeding & a lot more time for productive management than forking in silage…Money well spent, labour saving, improved cow welfare and peace of mind for manager”
Farmer Co. Limerick

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