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F40 Non-spill edge Drinker

149.00 Incl. VAT

Non-spill and chew resistant drinker
The rim of the HDPE bowl is entirely protected by a nonspill edge avoiding water spillage by the animals.
With its large bowl dimensions (L 404 x W 262 x H 120 mm) the F40 is the perfect drinker to be installed between two pens for a higher drinking comfort of your cattle.
A set screw allows increasing the flow rate up to 20 l/min without disassembly and the tube with jet breaker delivers a gentle flow of water.
Connected to a SPEED-FLOW circulation pump, the A-369 circulation set keeps the valve of the F40 and its water lines frost-free.
Sturdiness for a longer service life
Shock resistant rotomoulded HDPE. The rounded shapes avoid injuries to the animals.
The full hot dip galvanised steel protection avoids nibbling.
Ease of installation and maintenance
The F40 can easily be installed against a wall, on an I-shaped or round post (with A-331 bracket).
The 3/4” stainless steel valve allows multidirectional water connection.
The Ø 35 mm drain plug can be removed without tools for quick and thorough cleaning.

Product Description

F40 Non-spill edge Drinker

F40 Non-spill edge Drinker features:

  • High-Density Polyethylene shock resistant bowl
  • Large enough to install between two pens for greater efficiency
  • Galvanised protective edge prevents nibbling
  • Rounded shape prevents injuries

F25 Non-spill edge Drinker

Non-spill and chew resistant drinker. The rim of the HDPE bowl is entirely protected by a non-spill edge avoiding water spillage by the animals. A smaller version of the F40.