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Heat Detection

Saber Heat automatically identifies standing heats by reading Saber heat patches.

Cows are automatically drafted when the Saber heat patch is activated or missing. Cows can then easily be inspected for Artificial Insemination (AI).

When you install Saber Heat you’ll enjoy:

  • Automatic identification of standing heats via an activated or missing Saber heat patch
  • Automatic drafting of cows that are identified with an activated or missing Saber heat patch
  • Easy identification of non-cyclers for corrective action
  • Easier mating allowing you to extend AB and reduce or eliminate the use of live bulls
  • Simple suite of reports with previous heat information to aid mating decisions


Product Description

The Drafting gate in action

Heat Detection

How Saber Heat Works:

  • Saber heat detection booth is installed before the Saber drafting gate.
  • As cows exit the dairy they walk through the Saber booth and a photo is taken of their Saber heat patch. If a Saber heat patch is detected as activated or missing, the cow is automatically drafted (either straight away or at your specified milking).
  • After milking, reports are available with previous heat information enabling informed decision making on whether to put a cow up for AI.

It is also possible to add Saber SCC to your System.

For more information on Saber and LIC read our Blog OUR NEW SABER DRAFTING SYSTEM

Hugh MacEneaney, Teagasc Dairy Adviser, Mullinavat, Co Kilkenny

“Good facilities allow farmers to expand production and incomes and add to the asset value of the farm. They also lead to a better quality of life for the farm family by reducing the workload and the drudgery. In many cases, particularly on dairy farms, buildings pay for themselves over a 7-10 year period. This is especially true when capital grant and tax savings are available.”

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