Key Clamp Fittings

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Key Clamp Fittings

We carry a full range of tube clamp handrail accessories and fittings. Tube clamp systems, otherwise known as “kee clamp” handrails, can be a great option if you are looking for some inexpensive hand railing as a temporary option or as a permanent fix. Assembly without welding, threading or bolting with a single Allen wrench. Quick & easy installation

48mm fittings


3-way corner

3-way corner joint

4-way clamp

Base flange

90 degree elbow

Short tee clamp


Product Description

Key Clamp Fittings

Key clamp fitting hand railing is ideal for use along the side of loading bays, as edge protection above high drops or simply as outdoor stairway hand railing. Wherever you have pedestrian access near to a drop of over 300mm this style of handrail can be the most cost-effective solution when it comes to reducing fall hazards.

Key clamp handrails are easy to install. You can either concrete the hand railing into soft ground or drill and fix it to concrete and hard surfaces with the use of special fittings we can provide. Tubes can be joined and redirected with fittings that are attached with a simple hexagon key for speed. If you want a cost-effective handrail system then this is the ideal solution.

The flexible system can be mounted fast and easily on different site variations, as no welding is necessary, so no qualified labour force is required and no special tools are needed for assembling. Several fittings options are available and we have a range of accessories to go along with the clamps. We can supply galvanised pipe and fittings to create any type of handrail system suitable for most locations. We stock galvanised steel pipe with an outside diameter of 48.3mm in 5 or 6m lengths. This pipe can be easily cut on-site to create most of the common patterns of hand railing. Contact us directly about pipes as we have several different options and joints to solve most problems.


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Weight .5 kg
keyclamp fittings

3-Way Corner 48mm, 3-Way Corner Joint 48mm, 4-Way Clamp 48mm, Base Flange 48mm, Elbow 90 degrees 48mm, Short Tee Clamp 48mm

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