Kurtsan Fixed Cow Brush

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Kurtsan Fixed Cow Brush

This simple unit is mounted on a wall or RSJ in a free area of the shed. It has a galvanised steel frame with a mounted spring with replaceable plastic bristles for the brush. This cow brush is ideal for a cow scratching its back and sides to be as comfortable as possible and promotes herd health.



The height of the brush depends on the height of your cows. This varies from 4’6ft from the bottom of the brush to 5’6ft depending on size. There is a large size difference between a Jersey and a holstein Friesian so there is no set height to suit all breeds.



7 in stock

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Product Description

Kurtsan Fixed Cow Brush

Kurtsan Manual Cow Brush


Kurtsan Automatic Swinging Cow Brush

Automatic Swinging Cow Brush

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