Lamb Creep Feeder 2440MM

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This IAE double sided lamb creep feeder has easy exit feed ladders for added safety to reduce instances of head trapping.  It comes with 2x 254 (10”) wheels x 25mm (1”) bore rubber tyre at one end and feeder stand at opposite end. The IAE creep feeder is fitted with protex fastenings and lid catch

  • Double sided lamb creep feeder with easy exit feed ladders
  • 8 ft long comes with life up sides
  • 24 Feed Spaces
  • LIFT UP easy exit side ladders help to reduce instances of head trapping


7 in stock

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Product Description

What are the benefits of a Lamb Creep Feeder?

Our lamb creep feeder is a means of providing supplemental nutrients to nursing calves, usually in the form of grain, protein supplements, commercial calf creeps, or high-quality forages.

1)Our Lamb Creep Feeder is easy to use fill and move.

2) reduced labour – the lambs are heavier at weaning and being drafted earlier. This will allow for a reduction in the labour required for herding and handling etc.

3) reduced veterinary costs – because lambs are drafted earlier they will need less dosing and fly strike treatments.

4) more grass for the ewes pre mating – on many sheep farms, lambs compete with the ewes for grass during the pre-mating period. Having more grass available pre and post mating can pay large dividends in terms of litter size and ewe body condition.

5) higher lamb price – drafting lambs earlier may result in higher price per kg.

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Along with our  IAE double sided creep feeder we also have:

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