Lamb Weigher with Mechanical Weigh Head

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Lamb weigher with Mechanical Weigh Head

  • Mobile lamb weigher
  • Doors front and back
  • Wheels and handles for ease of movement
  • Dimensions: External: 1235 long x 545 wide x 1000 high

Internal: 1120 long x 395 wide x 770 high.


3 in stock

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Product Description

Lamb Weigher with Mechanical Weigh Head

Lamb Weigher with Mechanical Weigh Head


Why Weigh?

  • Weighing replaces guesswork with facts, making it a powerful performance measurement tool for farmers.
  • The information provided assist critical decision making about feed, health treatments and herd size management.
  • On its own, weighing is a valuable addition to any farmers operation. With electronic identification (EDI), maximise the potential of the weigh data collected.
  • EID means individual animals can be tracked through their entire life cycle giving the farmer an opportunity to better manage their individual performance.

The Benefits:

  • Ensure optimum weight grade.
  • Minimise treatment waste.
  • Monitor reproductive performance.
  • Identify sick or lame animals early.
  • Manage your time spent in the yard.

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