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MIK Stepper Sheep Slats

The MIK stepper slat 800mm x 600mm has been specifically designed for sheep and goat flooring applications. The knobbed surface ensures high step safety and foot stability. The fact that manure can easily pass through the slots guarantees a clean and dry surface which supports general animal health.

  • Easy fitting ~ Clip and interlock on galvanised, Stainless steel or fibreglass bars


MIK Stepper Sheep Slats Dimensions:

  • 800mm x 600mm
  • Solid width – 20mm
  • Slot width – 14mm
  • Filtration – 35%
  • Total Height – 73mm
  • Animal Weight – 200kg

Product Description

MIK Stepper Sheep Slats

MIK Stepper Sheep Slats work on a DUO support beam system, the basis for the entire panel system. The beams made of composite fibreglass (GRP) ensure a stable and durable panel support. Even under difficult construction conditions, our wide accessory assortment guarantees easy and fast assembling.

Slats on the Farmers Journal

Link to an article in the Farmers Journal 2017 on our plastic sheep slats:

Download the slats Brochure below:

MIK Slats Brochure



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