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Polystall Premium Drinker

400.00664.00 Incl. VAT

The POLYSTALL PREMIUM drinkers feature one or two double-walled polyethylene doors, depending on the model. This is a stainless steel drinker with a constant water level and a non-spill edge. It has a large float valve with adjustable height.

The Polystall Premium can be wall or tube mounted. Animals can have frontal or side access to the water, the door is very easy to push. Connection to the water supply is possible from both the left and the right. Drain plug for easy cleaning.

  • They keep the drinker free from straw and other impurities, thus ensuring better hygiene.
  • In areas with harsh winters, the doors help keep the drinkers frost-free.
  • It has a high flow rate of 36L/min

Product Description

Polystall Premium Drinker

Good control of water temperature is important. Not allowing it to freeze, nor become too cold, since animals in general, prefer warmer water to very cold water. La Buvette offers a large range of frost-free drinkers adapted to different animals and designed for indoor and outdoor installation.


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