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Prattley 3-Way Electric Drafter

The Prattley Three Way Drafter is operated by electric motors powered by a 12volt battery, and will operate on a fully charged battery for a full day. The new design eliminates the need to have left and right handed crates. The rear gates have vertical rollers which allow the gates to roll around the sheep as they close or allow the following sheep to pull back without getting caught.


Full Auto Drafting Mode
Indicator is programmed for three way drafting.
Sheep enter weigh crate, back gates automatically shut upon weight on platform of drafter, Indicator will select which gate to open once sheep has exited crate.
Back gate opens automatically again for next sheep. While in this mode you can override drafter with remote.

Auto Drafting By Remote
Indicator is programmed for two way drafting.
Open back gate with remote, shut back gate with remote once sheep has entered crate, indicator will select which gate to open once sheep has exited crate, use remote to open back gate again. While in this mode you can override drafter with remote.


Prattley Electric Sheep Drafter

Prattley 3-Way Electric Drafter

Prattley 3-Way Electric Drafter the fast way to handling, sort and weigh your sheep and lambs.

Prattley is the world leader in lightweight animal handling equipment, using cutting edge technology. Prattley’s prime aim is to produce quality sheep handling equipment that helps you to attain maximum efficiency in sheep drafting. Despite its lightweight, Prattley sheep equipment is sturdy and long lasting, built to withstand the toughest treatment your stock can dish out. Prattley Electric Sheep Drafter is just one of several prattley items we have in stock.



3-way Drafting
Practical design keeps operator out of Sheep’s vision
One hand left free to monitor stock
Sliding Gate move easily and quietly
Simple no-tool adjustment from biggest ram to smallest lamb
Note: Left or Right hand options – Right hand shown.

For Two-Way Drafting see:

Prattley Electric Sheep Drafter

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