Prattley Handling Race 8ft Starter Unit

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The starter unit is perfect for anyone with a small flock of sheep, handling up to 50 sheep at a time. This unit can be added to with any of the prattley extras we have available, all Prattley product interlink. The starter unit can be easily assembled in 2 or 3 minutes. We have optional trailer brackets for the side of a standard cow box for ease of transport. The race is comprised of two alloy and plastic panel with one release gate, one guillotine gate at the front and an anti-backing gate at the back.  The Starter unit also comes with a 6 X 7ft alloy gate.

The below video is a left-handed drafting gate.

8ft starter unit mobile handling system with alloy gates includes:

  • 6x – 7′ x 36″ alloy gate, 1x – 8′ alloy panel, 1x – 8′ alloy panel with release gate, 1x – Guillotine gate, 1x – Anti Backing Gate

Basic Starter 8ft Race includes: (Perfect for TAM II Reference cost)

1x – 8′ alloy panel, 1x – 8′ alloy panel with release gate, 1x – Guillotine gate, 1x – Anti Backing Gate

The direction tab is for the side drafting gate and which side you would prefer

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Product Description

Prattley Handling Race

Benefits of the Prattley Handling Race:

The perfect handling setup for small mobs or for anyone starting off handling sheep. the prattley handling race offers great control and access with an easy to use a system of gates.

    •  Lightweight
    • Quick assembly
    • The hinge allows folding and carrying of multiple gates
    • Gates unfold so set up 5-10min
    • Easy use of unique design
    • Hinge capable on very uneven ground
    • Rounded corners to pull on the ground
    • Designed for animals to flow
    • Reduced travel time and costs on fragmented farms
    • Impressive strength and lifespan
    • Machine welded, high-grade alloy, unique bar design (extruded) and heat-treated so stronger than steel
    • Gate hinge is full sleeve so no bent pins
    • Alloy won’t rust
    • The potential for expanding into the full yard
    • Available in left and right handed shedding gates.

Prattley Handling Race Prattley Handling Race

Trailer Brackets For Prattley Sheep Gates



Prattley is the world leader in lightweight animal handling equipment, using cutting edge technology. Prattley’s prime aim is to produce quality sheep handling equipment that helps you to attain maximum efficiency. Despite its lightweight, Prattley sheep equipment is sturdy and long-lasting, built to withstand the toughest treatment your stock can dish out.


Hugh MacEneaney, Teagasc Dairy Adviser, Mullinavat, Co Kilkenny

“Good facilities allow farmers to expand production and incomes and add to the asset value of the farm. They also lead to a better quality of life for the farm family by reducing the workload and the drudgery. In many cases, particularly on dairy farms, buildings pay for themselves over a 7-10 year period. This is especially true when capital grant and tax savings are available.”

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