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Prattley Mobile Standard Yard 10FT (Approx 250 sheep)

O’ Donovan Engineering are the exclusive Irish Agents for Prattley handling equipment. This light weight mobile range of handling equipment is designed with the farmer in mind. Handling your sheep in the paddock or yard has never been so easy.


  • Mobile Unit with Drop-in Gate, Drafting Gate, Winch, Drawbar, Gate Support Arms, Straps, Wheels
  • 7’ x 36” Alloy Gate x 20
  • L Post x 4
  • Diamond Gate x 1
  • Yard Holding Capacity Approximately 250 Ewes with existing fence
  • Versatile – for on-the-spot animal treatment
  • Easily Transported, assembled and operated
  • Utilise natural terrain and sunlight for better stock flow
  • Maximizes Farm Management


Product Description

Prattley Mobile Standard Yard 10FT (Approx 250 sheep)

Benefits of the Prattley Mobile Standard Yard:

Lightweight Prattley Mobile Standard Yard

  • Quick assembly
  • Hinge allows folding and carrying of multiple gates
  • Gates unfold so you are set up 5-10 mins
  • Easy use of unique design
  • Hinge capable on very uneven ground
  • Rounded corners to pull on the ground
  • Designed for animals to flow
  • Reduced travel time and costs on fragmented farms
  • Impressive strength and lifespan
  • Machine welded, high-grade alloy, unique bar design (extruded) and heat-treated so stronger than steel
  • Gate hinge is full sleeve so no bent pins
  • Alloy won’t rust and will last a life time
  • The potential for expanding into the full yard


Optional Extras:

Both options fit into the mobile yard easily.

Single Drench Race

Single Lane Drench Race

Double Drench Race 

Double Lane Drench Race

Double Lane Drench Race

An article on O’Donovan Engineering and Prattley handling  systems from the Farming Independent 


“It’s amazing the efficiency that you can get out of a unit if it is set-up right and utilises the right kit,”

“Obviously I’m a fan of Prattley but I also own a 20 year-old Prattley unit that has handled a million sheep during its lifetime, and is still fully operational.

Potterton also believes that farmers should adopt the approach of world-renowned animal behaviouralist, Temple Grandin, to appreciate the value of Prattley’s design.

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