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Saber SCC

Saber SCC sensors are automated, in-line sensors that provide you with a live SCC result within two minutes of cupping the cow. Software on your phone or tablet allows you to record SCC results against cows, without the need for a herd identification system. It couldn’t be easier!

When you install Saber SCC you’ll enjoy:

  • SCC results displayed live on your phone/tablet.
  • Early warning of clinical and sub-clinical mastitis.
  • Improved bulk SCC management.
  • Extended milking seasons due to improved selection of cows for dry off.
  • Increased profitability.

Product Description

Saber SCC

Saber SCC sensors work in both rotary and herringbone parlours and with or without an electronic animal identification system.

How it works:

Saber measures SCC by measuring the DNA released from somatic cells in the milk. The amount of DNA released is directly proportional to the number of somatic cells in the milk. Saber’s SCC does not measure conductivity or some other part of the milk as it is not an accurate measure of true Somatic cell count levels.

Saber’s SCC mounts directly onto the milk-line. The long milk hose is connected to Saber’s SCC prior to the milk-line inlet. It will automatically collect a small sample of milk approximately 30 seconds after activation. Saber SCC then mixes the sample with a specially designed reagent, CellGel™, to get the accurate  Somatic cell count reading.

Saber Drafting and Heat

For more information on Saber and LIC read our Blog OUR NEW SABER DRAFTING SYSTEM

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