Sheep Housing

All sheep penning gates are height adjustable with stock proof latching.  We have plastic slats available to provide extra comfort for your sheep, reducing labour and the cost of bedding.  We have a wide range of feeding equipment to suit any type of pen. We also have a wide range of plastic and cast iron drinking bowls available with protection frames to prevent drinkers from any damage.


Our sheep feed barriers are designed with an adjustable horizontal bar and 9mm stock board, all gates are height adjustable and have stock proof latching. The hangers are also height adjustable to suit 80 x 80mm box poles. These feed rates will increase weight gain as it will give sheep individual feed space and there will be less competition for a meal. We have 6 bar dividing gate to suit our sheep penning all height-adjustable along with our new walkthroughs.

  • Hot Dip Galvanised
  • Height adjustable
  •  Stock proof latching

Product Description

Sheep Housing Example

We have several Sheep Housing option and layout designs. if you’re looking at a slated floor MIK slat might be your answer. We have multiple options for Sheep Feed Barriers with hay racks, round feeders, walkthrough troughs and much more.


MIK Stepper Sheep Slats

The MIK stepper slat 800mm x 600mm has been specifically designed for sheep and goat flooring applications. The knobbed surface ensures high step safety and foot stability. The fact that manure can easily pass through the slots guarantees a clean and dry surface which supports general animal health.



Buildings focus on Agriland: of a new sheep shed on the foot of the Dunkerron Mountains


Hugh MacEneaney, Teagasc Dairy Adviser, Mullinavat, Co Kilkenny

“Good facilities allow farmers to expand production and incomes and add to the asset value of the farm. They also lead to a better quality of life for the farm family by reducing the workload and the drudgery. In many cases, particularly on dairy farms, buildings pay for themselves over a 7-10 year period. This is especially true when capital grant and tax savings are available.”

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