Tru-Test Active Tag

TruTest Active Tag = Profitability & Business Sustainability

TruTest Active Tag is a Heat & Health Monitoring solution that supports dairy farmers looking to maximise their breeding programme and minimise treatment costs. Tru-Test Active Ear Tags and Active Collar Tags deliver world-class precision in heat detection to optimise mating and insemination, and health monitoring to provide early warning on looming health issues.



Product Description

Tru-Test Active Ear Tags and Active Collar Tags improve the efficiency of farm breeding programs, making it the most accurate heat detection product on the market today. We use a multi-metric analysis of each individual cow’s behaviour to enable more accurate and timely heat detection.

For Heat we monitor:

Estrus activity Mounting Chin resting Sniffing

Your 24/7 Herd Health System – Identifying and monitoring health conditions and disease at an early stage is important, as evidence shows that health and reproductive performance are closely linked. We monitor the reproductive and general health of the animal, sending an alert to the farmer’s phone when there’s a negative variance in normal activity.

For Health we monitor:

Grazing/feeding Rumination Resting Activity

How does TruTest Active Tag work?

The collar is simply placed around the cow’s neck or alternatively, the ear tag can be tagged in a cow’s ear – similar to a cattle tag. When in place, the Tru-Test device will monitor the animal’s activity throughout the day. The device collects data on the cow’s rumination, standing, lying, feeding and resting, and processes the data to form a report on the animal’s activity. The Tru-Test Active Tag provides full access anywhere, anytime, from all devices. Specifically built on a cloud-based platform, it enables unlimited connectivity and users, making accessing critical information and receiving crucial alerts possible 24/7, no matter where you are.

The software will pick up the early stages of common health issues (i.e. bloat), and other illnesses much earlier than the farmer could see it. It will identify sickness or illness in a cow before the issue becomes a problem. All data is put together to determine how active each individual cow is and how each cow’s activity compares to the rest of the herd. The Tru-Test algorithm will identify outliers in its data collection – respective to the entire herd. Each cow is compared to its normal self, and the group, to identify if the cow is in heat, dull and/or showing early signs of sickness.

TruTest Active Tag

How does the system save you time?

The device is guaranteed to save a farmer time as it eliminates the need for the application of other heat detection aids and saves time that would otherwise be spent herding and checking for sick cows. By using Tru-Test and its connected solutions, farmers are choosing Smart Farming practices and are making technology do the work for them.

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Accurate, reliable measurements and timely, easy-to-understand intelligence are delivered to your fingertips with the Datamars Livestock Live app. Receive timely and reliable data alerts in the dairy, or via any mobile device, giving you accurate heat and health detection for peace of mind.

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